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Statue of Unity |Bike | Car Ride | to | One side of the Golden Quad | 1000 KM | Delhi – Jaipur | Udaipur | Ajmer | Vadodara | Narmada Bank | Statue of Unity | 3 K average cost


 The World’s Tallest Statue, 182 Metres

Ride Plan

Delhi — Jaipur — Udaipur — Vadodara — Narmada bank — Statue of Unity

Boys & Girls Welcome

Jaipur 1 day stay –>  Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal

Udaipur 1 Day stay — > Forts & sight seeing

3 rd day –> Completing trip to Narmada banks – Statue of Unity















Some of the reader might be wondering what is the complete golden quad, please find the map below

Right from Delhi  — > Mumbai –> Kolkata –> Delhi

Return trip may have inclusions like Bhangarh , Sariska depending upon the travelling groups preference.

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    Jaipur the wonderland in Rajasthan India

    We all have seen advertisements of Rajasthan by Incredible India campaign but the question actually is , Is it really that incredible?

    I started my Rajasthan exploration from Jaipur, the capital, to forage for these answers.

    It was a family road trip from Noida to Jaipur, and I kept it unplanned, trying to seek pleasure from unknown roads to a mysterious dhaba.

    What amazed me the most, were the roads, which appeared to be carved exactly for road trips. It was the Delhi-Jaipur expressway, which should be given credit to make up a good initiation of the trip.

    We were lucky to have slightly rainy weather in the month of July, but my suggestion would be to plan your exploration between early November and February.

    Continuing with the travel story, our first stop was “Basant Dhaba” in Bilaspur, Haryana at around 10 pm. It is around 30 kilometres from Gurgaon. (To know more about Gurgaon visit, Gurgaon, the millenium city).

    While travelling, I prefer to have basic food like “Dal Roti” and believe me it was both simple and tempting. Also the washrooms were very clean.

    At around 1 AM ,crossing all the flashing city lights, we reached Neemrana. We stayed there for the night in Cambay Sapphire Neemrana. Though the rooms were good, I didn’t find the service to be apt but nevertheless it was just a one night stay. If you are exploring Neemrana, you should book your stay at Hotel Neemrana Fort palace.

    From Neemrana to Jaipur is again a stretch of awesome road and many food joints , but the best that we found and can suggest was between two small hills and you will find this place at a nice  location near petrol pumps. The food was brilliant and all other facilities were apt and clean

    Then the best place to be is on the Amer road , whichever hotel you stay make sure you get a wonderful view of the jal mahal because who knows Kya  dikh Jayee ! 


    If you plan well this is what you can view from your windows

    Nihargarh Fort


    A distinctive view from Nihargarh , make a point to visit here in the night too. There is a cafe here in Nihargarh which is open in the night and gives awesome view from the fort hill.

    Here are some clicks from the day


    Make a point to visit the roof of the fort , as this is again a amazing view point


    Photoes from a museum in the fort and let me tell you the breeze from the forts small windows was amazing , make a point to enjoy the breeze


    Amer Fort is a interesting place to be , find below a shot


    Some random clicks




    TO summarise ,

    1. Visit Hotel highway king on your route after covering 120 odd KM’s , you have a subway , a hill view , petrol pump
    2. Stay near Jalmahal , preferably a place with jal mahal as a viewpoint
    * Nahargarh fort , Amer fort , Jaigarh and all other interesting places are near to this belt as in the map below
    * Visit Nahargarh in night for a cafe there from where you can have amazing views
    * Jaipur have some amazing roof top restaurants in the city , make a point to visit one while having a dinner or a evening snack
    * other parts of Jaipur city are easily doable , dont miss the amazing routes , Drive to the forts mentioned above
    * Completing these you can start back and can again stop at Hotel highway king (actually its a food court)

    Expenses will be somewhere around 6000

    Keep visiting as I am continuously updating the post and still a lot to be covered !