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There is a journey which we all cherish about in our life, And the most funny thing about such memory, is not the destination but the journey.

We feel we could connect to all who are reading. That the journey often make memories and the destination is the mere purpose that changes with time , But what we carry in this time tide, is a memory.

In our endeavours of this fast life we happened to make some good decisions and  packed bags for some random trips, which we cherish about. By the wandering soul we wish to hit the readers heart strings for the ultimate desire to travel.Come along with us and write and share your own travel stories.

  • We are a network of travellers for the travellers.
  • Travelerindian as a travel community work to generate the travel stories of families ,friends and groups.Which they can cherish in their memory lanes.
  • Our travel genies help people travel with ease.They also lead the travelling group to wonderful destinations.
  • This platform make suggestions to people of all ages.Suggestions like travel destinations and every aspect that they should know about the destination.
  • The team behind is a enthusiastic group of people who stand united to make the world a destination for all .
  • And we wish to give a platform for travellers where they share all their experiences live.

Easy steps to be a satisfy your travel lust

  1. Login to travelerindian.com
  2. Use Join Trip feature on our platform to meet some wonderful travel genies around and travel like pros with a genie
  3. If you already have a plan Create Trip in 140 letters and attract travellers  to join you(connect with us and be a certified travel Genie and create wonderful trips and be a partner to travelerindian)
  4. Write your travel diary and share your stories with everyone on the globe

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Heroes of the travelerindian story

Mayank (CEO & founder)

Technology enthusiast willing to help the world to be global destination



Shivani (CTO & Co-founder)

A vivid blogger & technology enthusiast willing to help the world to be global destination

 Shivam (CAO & Co- founder)

Analytical expert  willing to help the world to be global destination

Anuj (CMO & Co- founder)

Marketing & Branding expert  willing to help the world to be global destination

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