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Chill Out in the Hotness of Jaisalmer

Lost on the road which leads to no where

Sand captures your footprint. Its temperature surprises from its variation. 

And the amazing moment came. It reminds that you can not rise always

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Jaipur the wonderland in Rajasthan India

We all have seen advertisements of Rajasthan by Incredible India campaign but the question actually is , Is it really that incredible?

I started my Rajasthan exploration from Jaipur, the capital, to forage for these answers.

It was a family road trip from Noida to Jaipur, and I kept it unplanned, trying to seek pleasure from unknown roads to a mysterious dhaba.

What amazed me the most, were the roads, which appeared to be carved exactly for road trips. It was the Delhi-Jaipur expressway, which should be given credit to make up a good initiation of the trip.

We were lucky to have slightly rainy weather in the month of July, but my suggestion would be to plan your exploration between early November and February.

Continuing with the travel story, our first stop was “Basant Dhaba” in Bilaspur, Haryana at around 10 pm. It is around 30 kilometres from Gurgaon. (To know more about Gurgaon visit, Gurgaon, the millenium city).

While travelling, I prefer to have basic food like “Dal Roti” and believe me it was both simple and tempting. Also the washrooms were very clean.

At around 1 AM ,crossing all the flashing city lights, we reached Neemrana. We stayed there for the night in Cambay Sapphire Neemrana. Though the rooms were good, I didn’t find the service to be apt but nevertheless it was just a one night stay. If you are exploring Neemrana, you should book your stay at Hotel Neemrana Fort palace.

From Neemrana to Jaipur is again a stretch of awesome road and many food joints , but the best that we found and can suggest was between two small hills and you will find this place at a nice  location near petrol pumps. The food was brilliant and all other facilities were apt and clean

Then the best place to be is on the Amer road , whichever hotel you stay make sure you get a wonderful view of the jal mahal because who knows Kya  dikh Jayee ! 


If you plan well this is what you can view from your windows

Nihargarh Fort


A distinctive view from Nihargarh , make a point to visit here in the night too. There is a cafe here in Nihargarh which is open in the night and gives awesome view from the fort hill.

Here are some clicks from the day


Make a point to visit the roof of the fort , as this is again a amazing view point


Photoes from a museum in the fort and let me tell you the breeze from the forts small windows was amazing , make a point to enjoy the breeze


Amer Fort is a interesting place to be , find below a shot


Some random clicks




TO summarise ,

1. Visit Hotel highway king on your route after covering 120 odd KM’s , you have a subway , a hill view , petrol pump
2. Stay near Jalmahal , preferably a place with jal mahal as a viewpoint
* Nahargarh fort , Amer fort , Jaigarh and all other interesting places are near to this belt as in the map below
* Visit Nahargarh in night for a cafe there from where you can have amazing views
* Jaipur have some amazing roof top restaurants in the city , make a point to visit one while having a dinner or a evening snack
* other parts of Jaipur city are easily doable , dont miss the amazing routes , Drive to the forts mentioned above
* Completing these you can start back and can again stop at Hotel highway king (actually its a food court)

Expenses will be somewhere around 6000

Keep visiting as I am continuously updating the post and still a lot to be covered !


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Kuala Lumpur –top things to do

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, and the second most visited city in the world after Dubai.The major symbolic presentation of the city is the skyline which is dominated by the Petronas tower pair.The view of the city from the observation deck of the towers will give you chills if you fear height.The city having a wonderful cultural mix ,work ethic and global diversity of people and places will be perfect destination on your map.

Here are the top things to do when you visit this wonderful human made marvel of a city.

So lets not budge around the topic and lets just directly share 10 hot spots in the Great KL city of Malaysia.

  1. We will start with a offbeat place missed by many Indians when they reach KL on a tight schedule. Its Little India, you heard and read it right, little India in Kuala Lumpur also known by the name Brickfields, A place easily reachable by city subway.Sky scrapers covering most of the part there is still a pure lane where you can dance to Indian Tamil/Hindi songs barging out of all street shops.

As the name suggests you will get good Indian restaurants and eateries in this area.Along with the Indian touch to the streets , and yes it is a buzzling place like it should be when the name includes India.

2. Next in our list is the KL Tower, a roof and viewpoint towering 420 m .Below in the snap find a awesome view of KL city of skyscrapers..

The roof offers a 360 degree view , Look at gorgeous Petronus towers

KL tower gives great views and is itself a great view from KLCC park. KLCC park is near the Petronas tower.A snap below of beautiful KL tower from KLCC park below the Petronas. The illuminated purple building is KL tower

3. KL subway, The lifeline of Kuala-Lumpur. I would recommend once you are in KL try to reach out to every place by subway.

A random pic near on a sub way station (Chan Saw Lin station)

Subway took us to our next target

4. The Batu caves (Hindu temple)

Yes again you heard us right a hindu temple in the outskirts of of KL with just a 1 hour drive from heart of city and a one and half hour subway trip, is the famous caves of Batu with a golden 140 ft towering Statue of lord MURUGAN.

The place is serene and have good felicities for parking and quick bites.


Point of advice the stairs are steep and are good exercise but once you enter caves , you will forget the rest.

Hindu prayers chants the caves with sunlight pouring through through the roof.

another angle doing more justice to the view,

Interestingly there were more and more of small and big statues of gods and goddesses in different-different caves in the limestone hill.

Another peace of advice that I am forced to share is that once you are near Batu caves you will see a lot of Monkeys resembling extinct golden monkeys with a hairy horn like spike on their head, which gives them a very different look.But my friend looks can be deceptive.These naughty monkeys will rip away every thing that is in your hand ,So be cautious.Also these chaps cant afford to see bottles in human hand, be careful :-).

4. Istana Negara is Malaysia’s National Palace the official residence of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) of Malaysia, Yeah its a good place awesome building , but you can just click photoes, No other activities apart from this, you can include this in your day tour.

5. Kuala lumpur city gallery, you will get a I love kuala Lumpur photo background here, with a awesome gallery

The gallery houses a small city replica of KL.

All the buildings here are handmade and a collection of all such hand made buildings all from the world can be seen here,

5 .  Bukit Bintang – Market hub with great Malls and eateries,restaurants and bars.

For people from west , Just to inform you can see beggars here ,only in this part of KL.

But the best part here is, you will feel the buzz of KL here.Quick shopping can be done here from all sort of markets.Brands, local vendors all are available here.

here below find the view subway walkover bridge near Bukit Bintang.

The iconic Mac-D just in front of Bukit Bintang road crossover.

Worth mentioning is Pavilion mall, great place and humongous size believe me you will good counts here on your fitness tracker.

I cant stop myself from posting this photo of Bat mobile (If you know what I mean, our love for the BATMAN 😉 ) .Pavilion is a great place with always some or the other thing happening, in our case it was batman Vs superman promotion.

6. National monument

The National Monument is a sculpture that commemorates those who died in Malaysia’s struggle for freedom, principally against the Japanese occupation during World War II.

Like any other national monument the Malaysian monument also gives us a chance to remember the basic soul of a brave soldier which lives eternally with a pride and pips on shoulders.

7 . Visit Petronas – the towers house a awesome amalgam of places arround it. SURYA Mall stationed at the foot of the tall standing 88 floors petronas towers,The KLCC park and not to miss the great musical fountain.

Musical fountain show at the backside of the tower.

and yes like more required a awesome KLCC park which acts as a valley between all these sky scraping mountains all round,If you love photography then this is the best brick and mortar jungle for you.

Like the great Burj ,Petronas also have a musical fountain show.Mark this on your list, whenever you want to have good evening.Just visit the place, KLCC is like a valley surrounded by skyscrapers and amidst all this is the fountain show which is just the perfect place to be after that tough week :-).


Petronas also houses a great mall with all the possible brands, the SURYA mall situated in the foot of the great twin towers.

Thank you everyone for reading to this point.Capturing KL in just one blog will not be a justice , we will be updating this post for more info, Keep visiting.Soon we will post for some more notable places to visit like the #Chocolate kingdom #Acqueria # Old thai market and the list go on and on.

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Hidden secrets of Rishikesh – The river beaches of Rishikesh

India covered with three sides with sea and a coastline of around 7500 Kms have one of the best beaches , but for Delhi people none is within a quick roadtrip.

So here we bring you a 4 and half hour ride to a beach from Delhi.Yes, you heard it right a drive for 4 hours will take you to a beach from Delhi.

The place is like 240 KM from Delhi with some awesome dhabas on the way.Well we will get back to dhabas later but prior to that let me show you the place we were chasing.

A mesmerising view along with the chilled water.The coldness signifies the basic reason that the water is directly coming from the Himalayas.

Here below a view of the Ganges flowing right between the hills.

I always wonder how the foreigners know all the best places before us, And eventually I see them enjoying more :-).Anyways a perfect beach place to relax and get sun burned.

How clear and fresh the water was , a glimpse below.The water was crystal clear and soothingly chilled enough to give your spine a sense of chill in every ‘DOOBKY’..

I even collected some colorful stones for my garden.. managed to get them in all colours possible with awesome art of nature incorporated.

Another interesting thing is kayaking, motor-boating, Rafting and water sports for which March April is the right time with less rains making rafting and other sports easy.

In the image below we can see people enjoying in natural water pool with somewhat hotter water as the water is cutoff from the main current ,To my astonishment the water was still fresh in the waterpool.And yeah we can also see a artwork with stones 🙂 where I tried my hands with.

Below picture hosts the Laxman jhulla and other parts visible from a high point while coming back from beach.The place house some best resorts and location/ views .

A snap taken when a photographer suddenly spot natural borders for a perfect scenery.

Out of all sports I could figure out , that rafting is the most done and enjoyed sport a aerial view of the river beach we visited earlier.

The rafting coaches are active and easily available in Rishikesh main town.

There is one more hidden wonder in Rishikesh , Neer garh waterfall with some of the best views and refreshing trek.We shall be sharing some of the wonderfull neer garh snaps soon.

By that time lets come back to the awesome dhabas and eateries while on a road trip from Delhi to Rishikesh.

DO make a stop at MIDWAY while on the way.And for good and fast service we would recommend CHOTIWALA restaurant nearing Haridwar and Rishikesh highways and also once you are there various branches will easily solve your hunger bells.

Thanks for reading , we will keep on adding more interests and places to this post keep visiting.