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Weekend road-trip | bike ride from Hyderabad |Anathgiri hills |Vikarabad | bike-ride

The bike ride to the hills ( I should not call them hills at all) is fantastic, the stretch is hilly and the roads right from ORR to Vikarabad are awesome. Its a good 2 – 3 hour easy ride with lush green sights on both the sides of the road.
Once you make to the temple , take a walk in the woods near the temple and you will feel amazed just by the fact that how silent and calm this place is. Running away from buzzing Hyderabad , good place to be.
These heaps of stones say something similar in every of our holy destinations. You guessed it right , maybe these heaps are ones growth or perspective house floors (The taller the stone heap , the more floors you will add to your house)
The main attraction for the deities . Also, this temple is a good way to end your bike ride and take a brake in the calmness of the temple before starting back

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Exploring Asia | Heartwarming Hong Kong

Looking out to have foreign experience? Explore Amazing Hong Kong !!!

Hong Kong, SAR is one of the nearest country to visit from India within short span of time and best to explore within Asia. One would require hardly 4-5 days to cover highlighted places of here. A person with multiple interests like having zeal in adventure, big time party animals, pub crawlers, shopaholic creatures, food lovers, or person who wants peace from normal routine can admire HK.

I will be showing some of the key places to visit in HK:

1. Eagle eye view from The Victoria Peak ( Central, Hong Kong)


Victoria Peak is a hill on the western half of Hong Kong Island. It is also known as Mount Austin, and locally as The Peak. Best place to have a glance of whole  Hong Kong harbour in one go. At particular time (8pm, 9pm) in night you can enjoy the light and sound show as well with the participation of around 118 corporate buildings. You can take Tram experience to reach out to this place or can take city bus from central.

2. Mesmerizing view of Victoria Harbour ( Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong)

Victoria Harbour is the most popular area of Hong Kong. People enjoy seeing the skyline, riding the Star Ferry, and visiting attractions around it including the museums, malls, and high buildings

Key Highlights:

  • Among the world’s most beautiful and tallest skylines with a backdrop of Victoria Peak. The IFC & ICC are the tallest buildings.
  • The Symphony of Lights shines most evenings and provides a beautiful and memorable view. Victoria Peak is the backdrop.
  • The Star Ferry across the harbor is fun and is like a poignant mini-tour of Hong Kong. For kids, the ride is a thrill.
  • The ICC, IFC, and the Bay Harbour Mall are world class for luxury and middle-priced shopping.

3. Serenity of Tian Tian Buddha ( Ngong Ping Rd, Lantau Island, Hong Kong)

One of the most popular Hong Kong attractions is the Big Buddha on Lantau Island which is surrounded by the Po Lin Monastery, the slightly-touristy Ngong Ping Village and miles of hiking. The Big Buddha (its official name is Tian Tan Buddha) is a 34-meter bronze statue that was was built in 1993 and faces north to overlook mainland China as sort of a guardian.

It’s one of the most peaceful place where you can spend hours just feeling the nature. The best way to reach there is by Ngong Ping 360 cable car terminal which you can board from Tung Chung MTR station. I suggest to go through crystal cable car to have thrill experience by watching the natural beauty below your feets. Another option is by bus which also gives you an opportunity to see beautiful HK valleys.

4. Freedom Icon Golden Bauhinia Square ( Wan Chai Waterfront)


The 66-foot statue was given by the Chinese Government to commemorate Hong Kong’s independence from Great Britain on July 1, 1997. The gilded bauhinia flower is an important symbol for Hong Kong people. It is situated near wan chai waterfront, where again you will find stunning view of harbour.

5. Enjoy thrilling rides at Ocean Park ( Admiralty, Hong Kong)

Ah!!! Best place for adrenaline junkies. Ocean park is 7th most famous amusement spot in the world offering wide range of entertainment like aquarium, exotic animals’ exhibitions and theme park. It requires a day or two to cover every part that theme park has to show you.

Key Highlights:

  • Explore marine life in huge aquariums.
  • Board on gilded train displaying exquisite technology to travel between marine life and adventure land.
  • Amazing dolphin show featuring the awareness of marine life.
  • Breathtaking roller coaster rides on the edge of mountain (Not for the light heart people).

** Do not skip this place when you are in Hong Kong.

6. Amazing land for kids- DisneyLand ( Sunny Bay, Hong Kong)

Welcome to childhood days !!!

The whimsical wonderland has seven distinctly themed zones – Adventureland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, Toy Story Land, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Main Street, U.S.A – all of which are perfect to relive those childhood dreams with your favourite Disney characters.

Some of the most popular rides include the newly opened “Iron Man Experience”, and Asia’s first “Star Wars™: Tomorrowland Takeover”. Also, don’t miss the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars– many love this ride for the backwards segment of the route.

Catch the spectacular shows such as “Mickey and the Wondrous Book” Stage Performance of New and Classic Disney Stories. We recommend the Flights of Fantasy Parade and Festival of the Lion King.

7. Throw your party at Lan Kwai Fong ( Central, Hong Kong)

If you stand on tagline “I just want to dance, chill and have my beer”, Lan Kwai Fong (mainly called as LKF), is the best place for all ages of party animals. Enjoy exquisite cuisines, all type of liquors, pubs and bars, show your moves on dance floors. It is the most happening place of HK where you get to witness famous street shows.

It is a hub for events like Halloween, beer festivals, live concerts etc. Surely, people will get rid of every pressure here. It is a place to let loose and enjoy the booze. If you are in LKF, it is must to visit SOHO by climbing amazing stairs and watching modern wall arts.

8. Pick your things at Temple Street Night Market ( Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon)


Temple Street Night Market is the largest and liveliest in Hong Kong. This carnival of shopping and snacking starts every night from around 18:00 but really gets going once the sun sets. The most popular place to go for cheap clothes, delicious open-air street stall food, watches, pirated CDs and DVDs, fake label clothing, sports and everyday footwear, cooking ware and household items.

Any marked prices should be taken as suggestions alone as this is definitely the place to bargain. Temple Street Night Market runs for over a kilometre and can get very crowded. It’s definitely a place who loves to shop.

9. Wet your feets on Beach

HK is mostly covered by South china Sea and if you are beach lover then HK has lot to offer for you. Visit Stanley, Cheung sha, Big Wave(High Tides), Sai kung, Repulse Bay etc to chill out and spend your day in peace and with water activities.

Best times of the year to visit Hong Kong is March – April and October – November. Have a great trip to Hong Kong… Cheers !!!

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Malshej Ghat – Pune Road Trip | Western Ghats | 140 kms from mainlands

“Mind would fail to believe what eyes would see. Windswept clouds, pouring raindrops from the cliffs and lush green mountains are pure magic that would seem to be from a fantasy novel. Entering the mystic mountains, one would experience the unrivaled natural beauty of the  nature”

Driving away from Pune city life on Saturday morning with a friend, I found myself on an exotic journey of 130-140 kms towards mind boggling Malshej Ghats via Chakan

Site is nestled in the lofty rugged hills of the Western Ghats. Its takes you around 3.5-4 hours to reach the range through Thane-Pune Road of Maharashtra

The beautifully located Ghats have an average height of 700 m and is home to hundreds of different kinds of flora and fauna

Malshej Ghat offers things to do that will enthrall and keep you busy. For the outdoor enthusiast and the adventure seeker, there are trekking trails in the surrounding hills to be traversed, for the nature lover there are gushing waterfalls and the verdant flora and fauna to be enjoyed

Best time to visit Malshej Ghat is August and September when monsoon season is prevalent in Maharashtra

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What is Haridwar ?

What is Haridwar ?

Haridwar is a pilgrimage in northern part of India. The place is famous because of river Ganges and different batching points beside the river. The town is located in the exit of Himalayan foothills and Ganges pass through with a pleasant current here.

This place is like 200 KM from Delhi and the best time to visit the place is throughout the year but make sure that when you are travelling you avoid occasions like full moon nights to avoid big crowds, but if in case you are actually travelling to check on these locations on these special occasions, then such full-moon nights are the best time to visit these locations.

When I visited the place I was overwhelmed by the shear number of people that were actually travelling to this place and actually bathing in this holy river Ganga.

The numbers were huge and wherever you see , you can find boys in almost bare-body bathing and old ladies and girls mostly drenching in the holy river by the chains (security chains).

The place was crowded by almost all the country , mostly people from nearby states and cities. Another charm of Haridwar is the evening AArti (Aarti is the prayer offered at a particular time in the evening , mostly before 7 PM).


Here are few suggestions

  • If you are a vegetarian and looking for descent food , a very famous food chain in Haridwar is the Chotiwala chain, and in fact the fame of this chain is so much that you may find a chotiwala restaurant in every kilometre .
  • Another important point to keep in mind is that Haridwar is a holy city , so dress aptly.
  • Also Haridwar being a town of god host lot of mithaiwalas (sweet shops ) so mark your list to visit a authentic sweet shop to have some for yourselves. (soon i will share the exact name of the sweet vendor , could not remember at this point of time)

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Lazy Long Weekend Road Trip fr driving thrill | relaxation &amp |fun

Gurgaon-Mathura-Agra-Vrindavan-Gurgaon ( 3 Nights 4 days)

Start your day around 11 am from Gurgaon and take the quiet route via Tauru-Nuh en route Mathura. This will not only avoid traffic but will also give you a glimpse of famous Nuh lakes System and small towns and villages of Haryana which are very near in distance yet very far in all other terms from Gurgaon. By 3.00pm you would be in Mathura. Checkin in the desired hotel and after resting for a while go out to see the madness and bustling crowd in some of the famous temples associated with Lord Krishna. Also, one could enjoy a peaceful evening on the banks of Yamuna River, before heading for some local delicacies for dinner. Go back to hotel and retire peacefully. Ideally, carry a Hard disk with your favourite movies doze off while watching them.  

Wake up next morning without an alarm, grab quick breakfast and head straight to Fatehpur Sikhri, if u start by 10 am you would be there by 11.30am. Eat something and enjoy the sights of picturesque forts and head to Agra by 3.00pm. Check-in and Take rest for a while and then you could head to Agra Fort which is quite similar to Fatehpur Sikhri yet a bit different. 

After all this tiring stuff, one can visit Sadar Bazar to have a feel of the leather market of Agra and street food which is not the best yet not bad either. Then head back and to another night where you can easily smile at the fun of driving, enjoying company of your loved ones, sight of mughal era monuments, shopping and fun of having some lip-smacking street food.  Wake up the next day and head to the destination that is The Taj Mahal, some quality time there and grab some lunch. After lunch head to Vrindavan, say if you leave Agra by 2 pm you should be there by 4 pm. Check-in- relax and then head to Prem Mandir in the evening. Its crowded but checkout time while visiting otherwise you may miss out light and musical show like I did. After witnessing the madness and love their head to your hotel and repeat the same with another movie, drinks and popcorns. 

Wake up next morning visit remaining temples their and head back to Gurgaon by the same route without getting a feel of traffic and get ready for another series of hectic days that await you……………….

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Nainital : Mark your travel list with these must visit places in Nainital

Nainital as the name suggests is the Lake District of India. There are 7 lakes in and around Nainital but the most popular is the “Naini lake” named after the goddess “Naina Devi”.

Nainadevi temple

The Nainadevi temple is just adjacent to the Naini lake. With Hindu Gods and Goddesses idols, this temple will link you to your inner spirituality.For the spiritual bees , you cant start your expedition with a good luck prayer from the temple.Mark your bucket list with the following beautiful attractions in Nainital


Naini Lake 

It’s a clear freshwater lake which scintillates in the natural light amongst the massive mountains. It’s clean and serene providing to and fro boat rides to enjoy the chilling serenity.

From a descent height the Lake tends to look like a mango and therefore the name is also Mango Lake.Any view point of this lake will never let you down.When we reached there , we could see pro photographers doing different marriage photo-shoots at this point.Al tough the point is so steep and small that the time to have a click here can be merely 2 – 3 mins.

What attracted me the most was the mall road adjacent to the lake with local markets and restaurants. From pizza to local cuisines everything was available. Also you can shop for winter wear, caps, decorative items, candles (Nainital is famous for candles) and many more. Towards the end I will share some best places to buy candles (made in India) and best places to eat and buy sweets.

To sight the beautiful colours of sunrise, book a hotel opposite to the Nainital lake.

Same Formula for the hotel selection goes with the Hotel selection , but just mind the direction of the hill as you can see only one either a sun rising or setting.

I know I am reiterating but yes for a gorgeous night same selection will make you have awesome view , make sure to have a balcony

        Himalayan view point

Now a interesting thing here is there are three ways you can reach here , a cable car, Car and a tool given by god. But its a humble advice to use the prior two options  🙂 .

About 8 kilometres above the Nainital lake, there is a view point from where you can see Himalayas, the Himalayan view point. Grab your favourite snack from the eatery there and enjoy the breathtaking view of snow clad mountains.

Also don’t miss the biggest lemon’s juice ( If you are 1st timer in these hills, the Lemons are huge)

Cave garden

This garden, as the name suggests, has variety of caves. From tiger, leopard, flying fox, there are a variety of caves in the garden which showcases a different challenge each time for the adventurers. Some of the caves are pretty tough, so just give it a thought before diving in.

This is eco park and the caves inside are not very huge but yes , good for some exercise tough.

There are many caves in the eco park and it depends on your personnel stamina for the choices that you make here.

Raj Bhawan

Raj Bhawan, also called as Governor House is a British era building, out of which some areas have been open as a tourist attraction. The building looks like a British palace and the tourist guide there will explain you the relevance of the place.

Now this beautiful place is a regular miss by people who visit Nainital (which i don’t understand). The palace is made on the ground-works like the Buckingham palace.(I am believing what my guide told me)The route itself was very interesting once you start your way to Raj bhawan.

And Once you start the 200 meter walk to the main gate , your guide will tell you that how this place was shot in the bollywood mivie “Koi mil gaya” ( Actor – Hrithik Roshan , Actress – Preity Zinta).

Welcome to the history

Don’t miss the awesome Trishool tree (photo on the left side) . This single tree is actually 100 years old or even more. This not it , the best part is the shape , as you can see there are three trees coming out of one single huge trunk.

The architecture is amazing and historical. The garden outside the Bhawan is picturesque with the great landscapes and flowers. There is a 100 year old tree miraculously shaped like ‘Trishul’ (Trident)

Woodland waterfall

It’s a small trek leading to this beautiful waterfall.


Before I say any further , let me stress on one thing ” Right Hotel choice can give you the following”


As promised ,  Best place to eat – Shiva Dhaba in the main market. Munna sweet shop for best sweets

and finally the best and great deal candle shop is Mahrotra candles in  main market.

Looking forward to see you there ! Leave a comment and let me know if you need more info


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Heritage Transport Museum | 1 Hour from Gurgaon | 9 minutes from Great lakes


Museum is located on the outskirts of Gurugram

As the name suggests you will see some heritage automobiles and aeroplanes. Also the place is in a seclusion away from the hustle bustle of city Gurgaon. People from Bhiwadi , Gurgaon & now from Greator Noida , Noida (Using Kundli express way) can easily access the place.

Below are few photos that will give you a idea

Good news for students from Great Lakes & GITM , the place is like 10 mins drive from your colleges

Few important things to note :

Bilaspur – Taoru Road (Major District Road 132)
Off NH 8 (Bilaspur Chowk), Taoru
Gurgaon (Haryana) 122105

Tel: +91 11 2371 8100


Coordinates: 28°15’8″N 76°55’25″E

Owned and managed by the Heritage Transportation Trust
Registered Address:

Heritage Transportation Trust Apartment 85, Mayfair Gardens, New Delhi.11 0016 (India) T: F: E:

Tel: +91 11 2371 8100

Fax: +91 11 2371 6987

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am to 7 pm.
Mondays closed.

The museum is fully accessible for physically disabled visitors or wheel chair users. All galleries are accessible by ramps or elevators.

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Sariska Tiger Reserve — A 150 KM Bike-Car ride

Sariska Tiger reserve a Bike/Car ride from GLIM Gurgaon

The Tiger reserve is 150 KM away from GLIM Gurgaon , The plan is open and can be performed as per possibilities & availability

The Riding plan

  • We will leave in the Morning by 6 AM
  • Group will reach the reserve by 10:30 AM ( considering a half hour halt for breakfast)
  • We will refresh and then will join the Safari at 2 PM
  • At 5:30 PM we will return from safari to our stay point
  • We will do a camp fire at the Jungle camp
  • We will leave by other Days morning

The sample trip can be like | Start at 6:00 AM Saturday morning | Reach at around 12 :00 afternoon | Join 2:30 PM safari | Return to stay point @ 7 in eve |

Bonfire in the night | Rest in the night | Back to origin in Sunday morning |

The Offering in brief

  • A road trip in the wild
  • Crocodiles
  • Deers
  • Other Wild Animals
  • If lucky can check on Tigers
  • Night in the woods
  • Bonfire

For more insights check blog

And for visuals check Vlog

Interested people , please comment below the post

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Dune Bashing Dubai UAE (Desert Safari)

Dune Bashing Dubai HD 1080 p | Desert Safari | dune bashing | 4X4 adventure | Hatta Oman Music: .In this Vlog , we are showing a desert safari dune bash ride in a 4 X 4 car in sand dunes near Dubai and Oman borders.

Dubai is the mystical city of skyscrapers & malls. The desert is 60 KM away from the main city and is towards the UAE – Oman bordered city called Hatta.

The Desert safari is a mix of many activities like sand bashing , Quad-bikes, Sand-surfing and Arabic belly dance. The video above however just focuses on the sand dune bashing ride in the desert.

You can use the following link for a booking , but I suggest look for your own options to get better prices and better inclusions.


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Dubai , Is it just Burj khalifa, beaches , plam jumeriah and malls ?

Dubai – the jewel in the land of sand

Yes, Dubai is not just beaches , sand , Burj Khalifa and malls but a home to everything that is best in the world.

Think of the biggest, highest , awesome st in the world and Dubai have it all.

For starters – Burj Khalifa

Highest Observation deck

125th floor Burj Khalifa

Mesmerising skyline

The best of all was being a part of it without any bars

Biggest Aquarium in the world

Biggest screen

Brilliant and biggest mall in the world

find below the waterfall in the Dubai mall

There is more and much more keep visiting the post for more interesting Dubai facts.

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Chill Out in the Hotness of Jaisalmer

Lost on the road which leads to no where

Sand captures your footprint. Its temperature surprises from its variation. 

And the amazing moment came. It reminds that you can not rise always

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Jaipur the wonderland in Rajasthan India

We all have seen advertisements of Rajasthan by Incredible India campaign but the question actually is , Is it really that incredible?

I started my Rajasthan exploration from Jaipur, the capital, to forage for these answers.

It was a family road trip from Noida to Jaipur, and I kept it unplanned, trying to seek pleasure from unknown roads to a mysterious dhaba.

What amazed me the most, were the roads, which appeared to be carved exactly for road trips. It was the Delhi-Jaipur expressway, which should be given credit to make up a good initiation of the trip.

We were lucky to have slightly rainy weather in the month of July, but my suggestion would be to plan your exploration between early November and February.

Continuing with the travel story, our first stop was “Basant Dhaba” in Bilaspur, Haryana at around 10 pm. It is around 30 kilometres from Gurgaon. (To know more about Gurgaon visit, Gurgaon, the millenium city).

While travelling, I prefer to have basic food like “Dal Roti” and believe me it was both simple and tempting. Also the washrooms were very clean.

At around 1 AM ,crossing all the flashing city lights, we reached Neemrana. We stayed there for the night in Cambay Sapphire Neemrana. Though the rooms were good, I didn’t find the service to be apt but nevertheless it was just a one night stay. If you are exploring Neemrana, you should book your stay at Hotel Neemrana Fort palace.

From Neemrana to Jaipur is again a stretch of awesome road and many food joints , but the best that we found and can suggest was between two small hills and you will find this place at a nice  location near petrol pumps. The food was brilliant and all other facilities were apt and clean

Then the best place to be is on the Amer road , whichever hotel you stay make sure you get a wonderful view of the jal mahal because who knows Kya  dikh Jayee ! 


If you plan well this is what you can view from your windows

Nihargarh Fort


A distinctive view from Nihargarh , make a point to visit here in the night too. There is a cafe here in Nihargarh which is open in the night and gives awesome view from the fort hill.

Here are some clicks from the day


Make a point to visit the roof of the fort , as this is again a amazing view point


Photoes from a museum in the fort and let me tell you the breeze from the forts small windows was amazing , make a point to enjoy the breeze


Amer Fort is a interesting place to be , find below a shot


Some random clicks




TO summarise ,

1. Visit Hotel highway king on your route after covering 120 odd KM’s , you have a subway , a hill view , petrol pump
2. Stay near Jalmahal , preferably a place with jal mahal as a viewpoint
* Nahargarh fort , Amer fort , Jaigarh and all other interesting places are near to this belt as in the map below
* Visit Nahargarh in night for a cafe there from where you can have amazing views
* Jaipur have some amazing roof top restaurants in the city , make a point to visit one while having a dinner or a evening snack
* other parts of Jaipur city are easily doable , dont miss the amazing routes , Drive to the forts mentioned above
* Completing these you can start back and can again stop at Hotel highway king (actually its a food court)

Expenses will be somewhere around 6000

Keep visiting as I am continuously updating the post and still a lot to be covered !


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Langkawi, the best kept secret of Malaysia

LANGKAWI, also known as the jewel of Kedah is not just an island, rather it is a group of 99 islands on western Malaysian coasts.

My journey began with this, first thing first get your hands on the currency.

And yes after this let me take you to the beauty named Langkawi

Its a best place to be for couples and even families.The island enjoys all that is wonderful to have on a holiday spot.Perfect mountains, sea and plains.

Langkawi’s landmark eagle at the Eagle Square(will discuss more about eagles of Lankawi in the later sections)

Luxurious resorts to bag-packers lodges and good hotels that will not make a hole in your pockets.

Just to give a scenic belief of what we are talking about, presenting a pic below of the marvel of nature ,Langkawi when poured with golden sunlight

Now that we have some idea what the place is like , Let me take you straight to the attractions.

  1. The famous Sky bridge, and the cable car that takes you there.

The cable car will take you through lush forests and then the views,  are breath taking !

  1. Dont miss the awesome bollywood song beaches.

2. Rent a power bike and that too on cheaper rates than in other countries.Or simply you can rent a good scooter for 50- 100 ringets.

3. Best of all Lankawi special ‘The 3-D museum’

The museum’s actual attraction is the 3d illusion pictures, a heaven for social media dp’s.

Do’s – Click with the right angle or else the complete photo will not align.



4. Duty free shopping

Good news specially for chocolate and wine lovers

5. Wonder full airport ring road around the small airport, where you can witness a close flyby of a aeroplane above your heads. There is a beautiful scenic sea on the other end.

Rent a bike for around 50 Ringgit

Don’t miss the views on the way , by the way Don 2 was shot near this area


6. Leasure biking around the small but huge network of roads

7.Eagle square

A must selfie



8. Under-water world

9. Cenang night market

Fried ice cream ! yeah you heard me right. We do have ice-cream pakora for real.

The musical Cenang mall , this area is the most happening area in the night near Cenang beach. You can easily get into pubs with live music and enjoy the place.

Indian food , not a issue. Just choose wisely !!

Mr. Bean visited Langkawi lately

  • Don’t miss the island tour in Langkawi. They will take you through a motor boat into caves , Mangroves , open sea , between eagle hunting areas and a mid sea cafeteria.

A cafeteria away from mainland 🙂

We had our maggi

A fish zoo I must say

A sting ray

A horse shoe crab


We were expecting crocs here , but I feel expectation are not meant to be met :-), but anyways a nice cave in the mangroves and we passed by

A bat cave , why not ? Mind your head !


That’s how we walk in the mangroves

Not to miss the Kilim geoforest park


The attraction here is the famous red head Lankawian eagle

Look there they are


Finally end your every day on the beach, dont miss the sunset

Day 1        

Day 2   


Day 3   


The jewel of kedah is the real hidden secret of Malaysia , Do visit again we will update with more intresting information related to Langkawi. We will post few videos for help.

DO let us know in comments what else you want to know about Lankawi.


Saayonaara    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Iceland has no nights !!!

Iceland has no nights  !!!  😮

Just imagine for a moment, how will you feel, if there are no nights in your country.

Will you feel weary or energetic?

Will you be able to have your good night’s sleep?

Well there are people who experience a broad 6 month midnight sun i.e no nights , no darkness in their region near the Arctic and Antarctic circle.

Iceland is one such extreme country.

It is situated just below the arctic circle and is shockingly known as  “The Land of the Midnight Sun” sporting continous daylight for 6 months.

Let us throw some light on this extreme Icelandic phenomenon

Why Midnight Sun?

Midnight sun is a natural phenomenon where you can see the Sun even at midnight.

It occurs in the Arctic circle during the summer solstice (around June 22) , During the same time in the Antarctic circle, polar night occurs. In Antarctic circle midnight sun occurs in the winter solstice (around December 21) and polar night simultaneously.

Polar night is reverse of midnight sun, i.e darkness throughout the day.

Earth completes one rotation around the sun every 24 hours, which causes the change between day and night .

The earth is tilted by about 23.5 degrees on it’s axis. If earth would be perpendicular on it’s axis, we would have 12 hours day and night across the world with no changing seasons. The North pole tilt towards the sun causes midnight sun while the tilt away from the sun, causes polar night.

why midnight sun
why midnight sun

How to sleep during midnight sun?

It’s a very common question posed by many individuals after getting acquainted with the Icelandic natural phenomenon.

It’s true that darkness simulates our sleep routine, but does NO darkness means distorted sleep??

Icelandic people use black out curtains or thick curtains to avoid light disrupting their sleep routine.Though experiencing chilled long days will become part of your daily life and this weird phenomenon will appear natural to your body.

Yes, it appears weird, but no matter what, the picturesque beauty of Iceland will be at your display.

Stay tuned for more

Coming up : Best time to travel Iceland

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Kuala Lumpur –top things to do

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, and the second most visited city in the world after Dubai.The major symbolic presentation of the city is the skyline which is dominated by the Petronas tower pair.The view of the city from the observation deck of the towers will give you chills if you fear height.The city having a wonderful cultural mix ,work ethic and global diversity of people and places will be perfect destination on your map.

Here are the top things to do when you visit this wonderful human made marvel of a city.

So lets not budge around the topic and lets just directly share 10 hot spots in the Great KL city of Malaysia.

  1. We will start with a offbeat place missed by many Indians when they reach KL on a tight schedule. Its Little India, you heard and read it right, little India in Kuala Lumpur also known by the name Brickfields, A place easily reachable by city subway.Sky scrapers covering most of the part there is still a pure lane where you can dance to Indian Tamil/Hindi songs barging out of all street shops.

As the name suggests you will get good Indian restaurants and eateries in this area.Along with the Indian touch to the streets , and yes it is a buzzling place like it should be when the name includes India.

2. Next in our list is the KL Tower, a roof and viewpoint towering 420 m .Below in the snap find a awesome view of KL city of skyscrapers..

The roof offers a 360 degree view , Look at gorgeous Petronus towers

KL tower gives great views and is itself a great view from KLCC park. KLCC park is near the Petronas tower.A snap below of beautiful KL tower from KLCC park below the Petronas. The illuminated purple building is KL tower

3. KL subway, The lifeline of Kuala-Lumpur. I would recommend once you are in KL try to reach out to every place by subway.

A random pic near on a sub way station (Chan Saw Lin station)

Subway took us to our next target

4. The Batu caves (Hindu temple)

Yes again you heard us right a hindu temple in the outskirts of of KL with just a 1 hour drive from heart of city and a one and half hour subway trip, is the famous caves of Batu with a golden 140 ft towering Statue of lord MURUGAN.

The place is serene and have good felicities for parking and quick bites.


Point of advice the stairs are steep and are good exercise but once you enter caves , you will forget the rest.

Hindu prayers chants the caves with sunlight pouring through through the roof.

another angle doing more justice to the view,

Interestingly there were more and more of small and big statues of gods and goddesses in different-different caves in the limestone hill.

Another peace of advice that I am forced to share is that once you are near Batu caves you will see a lot of Monkeys resembling extinct golden monkeys with a hairy horn like spike on their head, which gives them a very different look.But my friend looks can be deceptive.These naughty monkeys will rip away every thing that is in your hand ,So be cautious.Also these chaps cant afford to see bottles in human hand, be careful :-).

4. Istana Negara is Malaysia’s National Palace the official residence of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) of Malaysia, Yeah its a good place awesome building , but you can just click photoes, No other activities apart from this, you can include this in your day tour.

5. Kuala lumpur city gallery, you will get a I love kuala Lumpur photo background here, with a awesome gallery

The gallery houses a small city replica of KL.

All the buildings here are handmade and a collection of all such hand made buildings all from the world can be seen here,

5 .  Bukit Bintang – Market hub with great Malls and eateries,restaurants and bars.

For people from west , Just to inform you can see beggars here ,only in this part of KL.

But the best part here is, you will feel the buzz of KL here.Quick shopping can be done here from all sort of markets.Brands, local vendors all are available here.

here below find the view subway walkover bridge near Bukit Bintang.

The iconic Mac-D just in front of Bukit Bintang road crossover.

Worth mentioning is Pavilion mall, great place and humongous size believe me you will good counts here on your fitness tracker.

I cant stop myself from posting this photo of Bat mobile (If you know what I mean, our love for the BATMAN 😉 ) .Pavilion is a great place with always some or the other thing happening, in our case it was batman Vs superman promotion.

6. National monument

The National Monument is a sculpture that commemorates those who died in Malaysia’s struggle for freedom, principally against the Japanese occupation during World War II.

Like any other national monument the Malaysian monument also gives us a chance to remember the basic soul of a brave soldier which lives eternally with a pride and pips on shoulders.

7 . Visit Petronas – the towers house a awesome amalgam of places arround it. SURYA Mall stationed at the foot of the tall standing 88 floors petronas towers,The KLCC park and not to miss the great musical fountain.

Musical fountain show at the backside of the tower.

and yes like more required a awesome KLCC park which acts as a valley between all these sky scraping mountains all round,If you love photography then this is the best brick and mortar jungle for you.

Like the great Burj ,Petronas also have a musical fountain show.Mark this on your list, whenever you want to have good evening.Just visit the place, KLCC is like a valley surrounded by skyscrapers and amidst all this is the fountain show which is just the perfect place to be after that tough week :-).


Petronas also houses a great mall with all the possible brands, the SURYA mall situated in the foot of the great twin towers.

Thank you everyone for reading to this point.Capturing KL in just one blog will not be a justice , we will be updating this post for more info, Keep visiting.Soon we will post for some more notable places to visit like the #Chocolate kingdom #Acqueria # Old thai market and the list go on and on.

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Hidden secrets of Rishikesh – The river beaches of Rishikesh

India covered with three sides with sea and a coastline of around 7500 Kms have one of the best beaches , but for Delhi people none is within a quick roadtrip.

So here we bring you a 4 and half hour ride to a beach from Delhi.Yes, you heard it right a drive for 4 hours will take you to a beach from Delhi.

The place is like 240 KM from Delhi with some awesome dhabas on the way.Well we will get back to dhabas later but prior to that let me show you the place we were chasing.

A mesmerising view along with the chilled water.The coldness signifies the basic reason that the water is directly coming from the Himalayas.

Here below a view of the Ganges flowing right between the hills.

I always wonder how the foreigners know all the best places before us, And eventually I see them enjoying more :-).Anyways a perfect beach place to relax and get sun burned.

How clear and fresh the water was , a glimpse below.The water was crystal clear and soothingly chilled enough to give your spine a sense of chill in every ‘DOOBKY’..

I even collected some colorful stones for my garden.. managed to get them in all colours possible with awesome art of nature incorporated.

Another interesting thing is kayaking, motor-boating, Rafting and water sports for which March April is the right time with less rains making rafting and other sports easy.

In the image below we can see people enjoying in natural water pool with somewhat hotter water as the water is cutoff from the main current ,To my astonishment the water was still fresh in the waterpool.And yeah we can also see a artwork with stones 🙂 where I tried my hands with.

Below picture hosts the Laxman jhulla and other parts visible from a high point while coming back from beach.The place house some best resorts and location/ views .

A snap taken when a photographer suddenly spot natural borders for a perfect scenery.

Out of all sports I could figure out , that rafting is the most done and enjoyed sport a aerial view of the river beach we visited earlier.

The rafting coaches are active and easily available in Rishikesh main town.

There is one more hidden wonder in Rishikesh , Neer garh waterfall with some of the best views and refreshing trek.We shall be sharing some of the wonderfull neer garh snaps soon.

By that time lets come back to the awesome dhabas and eateries while on a road trip from Delhi to Rishikesh.

DO make a stop at MIDWAY while on the way.And for good and fast service we would recommend CHOTIWALA restaurant nearing Haridwar and Rishikesh highways and also once you are there various branches will easily solve your hunger bells.

Thanks for reading , we will keep on adding more interests and places to this post keep visiting.



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what SHIMLA has to offer

Looking for a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi..

SHIMLA .. a place which has a offer for everyone .A shopaholic , a trekking guy , a Wanderer ,someone looking for peace and relaxation time and off course if your in lookout for a colder environment and a place surrounded by hills.

Shimla is a package in all.The MALL road in Shimla and British architectural sights is what makes Shimla a place to be for people of all ages and tastes.

Going ahead we will showing you about the ten best places to be in Shimla.

  1. The best and alas fairly underrated place of Shimla.

Vice royal lodge OR our British Indian Presidents home when SHIMLA use to be Summer capital of INDIA. As of now the place is also known as IIAS (Indian institute of advanced studies)

The lodge also houses a museum of the early nineteenth century times.The lodge is a architectural wonder, Mr. Rathore the official guide for the lodge will be sharing all the valuable information once you enter the place.

Worth  a mention the flower gardens near the place:

Rarest of the flowers will give your inner photographer the best of all times.

The enchanting birds and place with adorable view housing hundreds of flower is just the right place to be.

Do keep a check for some seasonal flowers , coz they are best when they bloom

Also have a coffee in the old cafeteria here near the lodge .

2. Bird park near  the Vice royal lodge

3. A walk at the Mall road , Off course ‘The Ridge’ and the church area. The Ashiana restaurant , Eating your supper at Ashiana in the open area gives you feeling of sitting on the roof of India and under the lamp light moon and starts and the pampering clouds is the cherry on the cake.

  • Christ Church at Ridge – A place to be

A view from Ridge of Shimla.

Mall road hike to the ridge


4. Annadale – A awesome place to be with lush green views in the foot side of Shimla.

Army museum is the place to be when you go to Annadale. Don’t forget to take a Maggie and tea at the roof of shop in the Army area in Annadale with Golfers playing Golf in a golf course surrounded by hills and clouds.

Do chill around golf course

Enjoy the view

Anna’s cafe , a best place to have Maggie and the view of golf course.

Annas cafe beside the Army Museum , do sit on the roof  and enjoy the view.

In the below picture we can see what a roof top view can give from Anna’s cafe

5. Glen – A light trek downhill to the dry waterfall with beautiful trek rails and small waterfalls in the way.

6. The locomotive engines of the old British Shimla , don’t miss the queen ride of Shimla railways.

beautiful Shimla railway station




7. Lakkar Bazaar , for all the shopping worms .

8. A floating road walk in hills.

9. Army museum Annadale

10 . Cactus house with hundreds of cactus types , And my favourite oneI have shared below

9. How to reach from Delhi,

Travel from Shimla to Kalka

A International heritage railway lines existing from decades with hundreds of tunnels and bridges right between the beautiful hills

Take some time out on the best ever railway stations in India

a- If planning a road trip , don’t miss the awesome dhabas at Murthal.Also give a brief visit to the city of Chandigarh which again has awesome places on offer.

b- Its a very good plan to travel by train from Delhi. Take a Shatabadi from Delhi to Kalka and then from Kalka we have options by railways or by road.I would suggest use the railways atleast once because of the route and awesome views from the train.


Sample initiatory from Delhi

  1. Board train from Delhi 
KALKA SHTBDI     (12005 ) NDLS17:15   New Delhi Railway Station
04h 05m  KLK   21:20 (Kalka railway station)
     2. Take a taxi from Kalka to Shimla 
reach hotel at around 12 in the night and take a nap
     3. Check into hotels with views like one I would like to suggest by location and hotel views is Rashik , its near to mall road and it has rooms with huge windows full of views.


     4. Next day keep it simple and start with Jakhoo hill temple of lord Hanuman.
     5. From the temple head your way to Anandale army museum.
     6. Visit the cactus house in Anandale (photos above in the blog)
     7. Have a coffee & Maggi in Anna’s cafe with a view of beautiful valley and golf course .
     8. by now its already lunch time and visit a hotel of your choice although we suggest you to have a starter bite first at wake and bake eatery on the mall.
    9. Once you are done with the starter , move around the place if you mind cafe sol is again a good place for a quick coffee and views of shimla. Also you can go to Balgees for best gulabjamuns.
   10. Also if you feel you want to have good non-veg dishes visit new plaza restaurant on mid mall.
   11.  And not to miss we have a authentic Indian coffee house in Shimla , do visit and have a light coffee.
   12 . Visit Ridge to end your day , make sure you have a great view of the Church there and to end your day have a dinner and drinks at Ashiana restaurant on the ridge it selves(they serve drinks till 10 only)


This one will be a eventful day so be fully energised to soak this one in.
1. Start your day with IIAS in shimla (check blog above for details)
2. After IIAS (viceregal lodge )visit the Himalayan nature park near IIAS (you can view beautiful birds here)
3. Shop at the Lakkar Bazaar (handicrafts from wood)
4. Visit Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary today which is 11 KM away from main city and walk in the beautiful forests.
5. for options this particular day you can take a option to have a small hike to Glenn or if you choose , you can visit the chadwick falls also by walk in the woods.
6. If you are travelling in winters , make a point to visit Kufri today.
(Now either of the above choices 4,5 or 6 will make it a day for you and now you will only be left with a evening)
7. In evening we suggest you to visit mall again and have a relaxing dinner at one of the restaurants mentioned above and do visit a local wine shops and get a gift for your loved ones.


1. Next day if you choose to stay you can have quick adventure ride in Hip Hip Hurray Amusement Park. 
2. This day you can end your tour and board the famous Shimla toy train to Kalka and then can catch a train from Kalka to Delhi.
All the above events are just a suggested trip which will be eventfull if time managed appropriately. One big change here can be , one can arrive Shimla by toy train and exit by taxi. Both ways you will need to adjust trains from Delhi and Kalka.
Also for transport there is a great news , we have Ola running in Shimla.



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Gurgaon – The millennium city

Gurgaon which is now officially known by the new name Gurugram and also the India’s Millennium City is located in the NCR region of INDIA.

Gurugram emerged as the IT and financial capital of the northern Indian region in the past few decades.With world class infrastructure and all the head offices of business unicorns Gurugram is one of the best place to be for working professional eyeing to work in northern India.

Gurugram having the best connectivity with metro and rapid metro is the best sight for a modern Indian city, although being on the top of the charts still Gurugram faces bad patches in urbanisation and roads  at many places but as we know India is a developing nation and that is true for this city too.

Our pick here for Gurgaon is 5 best things to do when you are in Gurugram.

1.Visit Cyber hub.

Awesome place with Corporate offices all around (Eventually my IBM office was there too)

Wonderfull food joints, luxury restros and even lively pubs along with a picturesque location with A class buildings around with rapid metro revolving around.

2.Kingdom of dreams amusement park

3.Night life

With places like Delhi Vasant kunj and Leisure valley in near vicinity are awesome places for night owls, Again all Delhi night life is part of Gurgaon night ventures.

Again these malls are good shopping destinations and needless to mention MG road is place to be where Mall hopping can be done within around 10 malls in just 2 KM road stretch.

With all type of shopping possibilities these malls are place to be on weekends

hopping in Decathalon

4.Travel in rapid metro

5.Food joints


7.Galleria market.

Gurgaon evening

Gurgaon a wonderful place to be .. If west questions India and think they have good happening cities we have Gurgaon with awesome infrastructural points.

A open sky captcha from a high tower in Gurgaon

  • An 40 mins ride can take you to good places to delhi.


There are many more places to go and visit in Gurugram , I shall be updating the post on regular basis and will be trying to improve the quality of content…

Thanks for reading.

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Ramoji film city – Hyderabad

Ramoji film city is situated near the bustling city of Hyderabad or we can call the city of Nawabs and Char minar. Spread across a gigantic 2000 acres Ramoji film city is by far the largest film city in the world.Set up by Ramoji Group in 1996,it is a dreamy celluloid journey.
Certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest Filmstudio complex, at Ramoji Film City, a filmmaker can walk with a script and walk out with film. For the others, Ramoji Film City flung open a wonderland where 1.5 million tourists build memories every year.
{Source :}

Before going to the list here are some awesome facts about ramoji

  • The highest grossing feature film BAHUBALI was majorly shot at ramoji.
  • The famous ‘Kisi disco me jayee’ was shot at ramoji.
  • The new RAMAYANA series was shot at ramoji.

Our catch here is activities that can be done at Ramoji.
We call it top 10 things to do when in Ramoji….

  1. Take a Ramoji city tour Bus at the bus stations
  2. A airbus 380 airplane set.
  3. Hawa mahal : 
  4. “Kisi disco me jayee” Bollywood song shooting site
  5. Mini Mughal garden
  6. Chinese garden
  7. Railway station set with old engine
  8. Bird sanctuary with birds from all over the world
  9. butterfly park
  10. haunted house


My verdict :

Ramoji is place where you can roam around the complete day with altogether different flavors of world in every 1 KM.Name it Rajasthan , Italy , Japan , Mythological India and even a awesome bird and butterfly park will give you glimpse of beauty of nature.

Few more interesting mentions..

if you are with kids do visit..

  1. Borasura

2. Rain dance

3. dome theatre

4. Adventure activities at Ramoji for adults

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Goa – A place to be for everyone..

One week of fun joy peace combined in the most happening place in India.

Goa is not just a beach, Its a 105 KM beachline with every beach on its coast someway better and happening than the other.

Travelerindian wish to be the soul brand ambassador of Goa.

Goa has a very rich history.Its the smallest state of India but when it comes to history its dates back from 500 years.

Goa has been epicenter for foreign traders,monks,states and dynasties.

  1. On our tight 4 day trip to GOA , which is by the way last moment plan,Let me get it straight to you in chronological order,take away here for you guys are the places to visit and enjoy your visit..
  2. Top things to do in GOA
  • Rent a bike (scooters , Royal enfields , Harley davidsons) you name it, any big boys bike everything is available in GOA easily.
  • Make a plan that includes road trip Goa beaches, parties and shop a bit.
  • Now for executing the plan we are to help.
  • List of awesome beaches around GOA,
  • Calangute , Vagator , Anjuna , Baga , Ashwem and Morjim the list is very long.
  • Every beach is different in the kind of treat it will be to you .I must say every beach here in Goa are of different color and will treat people of all ages and tastes.
  • Mandwi river feri party on small cruises.Its for all whether you are with friends family or all by your own.
  • Chapora fort … yeah the dil chahta hai point…
  • Dhoodh sagar falls.
  • Bike ride along side with Mandwi river to the Portuguese township of Goa leading to the world famous churches of Goa.
  •  The church had a history of its own dating back hundreds of years.. a must go ..
  • Light house which looks like to be housed in a fort.
  • Another beach with different feel in North Goa.. I left the name for you to reach and figure out😀.  To me this beach came in my way to explore North Goa.

I hope these pictures may pull you to Goa.. remember it’s not just a destination it’s a complete bunch of destinations people andexperiences.. I hope my quick trip may help you plan your ..,🙌