The Importance of Tea Tourism in 21st century

The Importance of Tea Tourism in 21st century
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The Importance of Tea Tourism in the 21st century

Just imagine yourself – in the very early morning you are walking an endless sea of the green and green tea garden.

How will it be felt like?

Maybe very romantic or nostalgic!


Did anyone think before 30 to 40 years ago that tea gardens would be a part of tourism one day?

Maybe not!

But this unthinkable thing comes in reality at present, where we have seen the growth of tea tourism importance among nations and of course among travelers.

This is the 21st century and here anything could be possible to make, then why not tea as part of tourism?

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How tea tourism concept evolved?

At very first this concept was not evolved very rapidly. In initial days people cultivate tea, only for their commercial purposes.

But with the change of time people started to notice the beauty of tea gardens and also started to think that it could also be an amazing part of tourism.

This is a little bit confusing, where this concept got birth very first. But since around 15 years countries like China, Kenya and Sri Lanka promoting their tea tourism places in front of the world.

From a few years we have seen, India also focusing on this concept a lot.

[Do you know India is the 2nd largest tea producer in the world?]

It is hoped by some Indian tea analyzers that two of the main Indian states will play a game-changing role in tea tourism field in the future.

Here they are signifying about Assam and Dargiling.

However, Darjeeling is still in a backward position where Assam is the leader of the production in India.

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Tea tourism in north-east India

As you know Assam is the leading state of India’s tea production field. This small state has more than one lakh and ten thousands large and small tea estates.

Therefore Assam tea gardens have very unique importance from a tourism perspective.

On the other hand, though Darjeeling is still too backward compare to Assam but from the beauty, Darjeeling tea has no comparison.

Green gardens and cold weather of Assam and Darjeeling making these two places more compatible for tea tourism.


Why India will be successful?

  • After seeing the financial potentialities of tea, people of Assam starting to do it in very large numbers. Therefore we have experienced rapid growth of this crop cultivation in its gardens. [At first Assamese people thought it just as ‘Chahpani’. Chahpani is an Assamese word, which is a type of Assamese food or drink of tea but now look at them, they are number one in this field in India]
  • India is an agriculture-based country, therefore, people will focus on tea gardening more and more in the future.
  • Influence of modern equipment or tools will definitely help on it.



What do you think about tea tourism future?

Let me know by commenting below.

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