Malshej Ghat – Pune Road Trip | Western Ghats | 140 kms from mainlands

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“Mind would fail to believe what eyes would see. Windswept clouds, pouring raindrops from the cliffs and lush green mountains are pure magic that would seem to be from a fantasy novel. Entering the mystic mountains, one would experience the unrivaled natural beauty of the  nature”

Driving away from Pune city life on Saturday morning with a friend, I found myself on an exotic journey of 130-140 kms towards mind boggling Malshej Ghats via Chakan

Site is nestled in the lofty rugged hills of the Western Ghats. Its takes you around 3.5-4 hours to reach the range through Thane-Pune Road of Maharashtra

The beautifully located Ghats have an average height of 700 m and is home to hundreds of different kinds of flora and fauna

Malshej Ghat offers things to do that will enthrall and keep you busy. For the outdoor enthusiast and the adventure seeker, there are trekking trails in the surrounding hills to be traversed, for the nature lover there are gushing waterfalls and the verdant flora and fauna to be enjoyed

Best time to visit Malshej Ghat is August and September when monsoon season is prevalent in Maharashtra

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Author: Suchit Gupta

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