Nainital : Mark your travel list with these must visit places in Nainital

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Nainital as the name suggests is the Lake District of India. There are 7 lakes in and around Nainital but the most popular is the “Naini lake” named after the goddess “Naina Devi”.

Nainadevi temple

The Nainadevi temple is just adjacent to the Naini lake. With Hindu Gods and Goddesses idols, this temple will link you to your inner spirituality.For the spiritual bees , you cant start your expedition with a good luck prayer from the temple.Mark your bucket list with the following beautiful attractions in Nainital


Naini Lake 

It’s a clear freshwater lake which scintillates in the natural light amongst the massive mountains. It’s clean and serene providing to and fro boat rides to enjoy the chilling serenity.

From a descent height the Lake tends to look like a mango and therefore the name is also Mango Lake.Any view point of this lake will never let you down.When we reached there , we could see pro photographers doing different marriage photo-shoots at this point.Al tough the point is so steep and small that the time to have a click here can be merely 2 – 3 mins.

What attracted me the most was the mall road adjacent to the lake with local markets and restaurants. From pizza to local cuisines everything was available. Also you can shop for winter wear, caps, decorative items, candles (Nainital is famous for candles) and many more. Towards the end I will share some best places to buy candles (made in India) and best places to eat and buy sweets.

To sight the beautiful colours of sunrise, book a hotel opposite to the Nainital lake.

Same Formula for the hotel selection goes with the Hotel selection , but just mind the direction of the hill as you can see only one either a sun rising or setting.

I know I am reiterating but yes for a gorgeous night same selection will make you have awesome view , make sure to have a balcony

        Himalayan view point

Now a interesting thing here is there are three ways you can reach here , a cable car, Car and a tool given by god. But its a humble advice to use the prior two options  🙂 .

About 8 kilometres above the Nainital lake, there is a view point from where you can see Himalayas, the Himalayan view point. Grab your favourite snack from the eatery there and enjoy the breathtaking view of snow clad mountains.

Also don’t miss the biggest lemon’s juice ( If you are 1st timer in these hills, the Lemons are huge)

Cave garden

This garden, as the name suggests, has variety of caves. From tiger, leopard, flying fox, there are a variety of caves in the garden which showcases a different challenge each time for the adventurers. Some of the caves are pretty tough, so just give it a thought before diving in.

This is eco park and the caves inside are not very huge but yes , good for some exercise tough.

There are many caves in the eco park and it depends on your personnel stamina for the choices that you make here.

Raj Bhawan

Raj Bhawan, also called as Governor House is a British era building, out of which some areas have been open as a tourist attraction. The building looks like a British palace and the tourist guide there will explain you the relevance of the place.

Now this beautiful place is a regular miss by people who visit Nainital (which i don’t understand). The palace is made on the ground-works like the Buckingham palace.(I am believing what my guide told me)The route itself was very interesting once you start your way to Raj bhawan.

And Once you start the 200 meter walk to the main gate , your guide will tell you that how this place was shot in the bollywood mivie “Koi mil gaya” ( Actor – Hrithik Roshan , Actress – Preity Zinta).

Welcome to the history

Don’t miss the awesome Trishool tree (photo on the left side) . This single tree is actually 100 years old or even more. This not it , the best part is the shape , as you can see there are three trees coming out of one single huge trunk.

The architecture is amazing and historical. The garden outside the Bhawan is picturesque with the great landscapes and flowers. There is a 100 year old tree miraculously shaped like ‘Trishul’ (Trident)

Woodland waterfall

It’s a small trek leading to this beautiful waterfall.


Before I say any further , let me stress on one thing ” Right Hotel choice can give you the following”


As promised ,  Best place to eat – Shiva Dhaba in the main market. Munna sweet shop for best sweets

and finally the best and great deal candle shop is Mahrotra candles in  main market.

Looking forward to see you there ! Leave a comment and let me know if you need more info


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