Langkawi, the best kept secret of Malaysia

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LANGKAWI, also known as the jewel of Kedah is not just an island, rather it is a group of 99 islands on western Malaysian coasts.

My journey began with this, first thing first get your hands on the currency.

And yes after this let me take you to the beauty named Langkawi

Its a best place to be for couples and even families.The island enjoys all that is wonderful to have on a holiday spot.Perfect mountains, sea and plains.

Langkawi’s landmark eagle at the Eagle Square(will discuss more about eagles of Lankawi in the later sections)

Luxurious resorts to bag-packers lodges and good hotels that will not make a hole in your pockets.

Just to give a scenic belief of what we are talking about, presenting a pic below of the marvel of nature ,Langkawi when poured with golden sunlight

Now that we have some idea what the place is like , Let me take you straight to the attractions.

  1. The famous Sky bridge, and the cable car that takes you there.

The cable car will take you through lush forests and then the views,  are breath taking !

  1. Dont miss the awesome bollywood song beaches.

2. Rent a power bike and that too on cheaper rates than in other countries.Or simply you can rent a good scooter for 50- 100 ringets.

3. Best of all Lankawi special ‘The 3-D museum’

The museum’s actual attraction is the 3d illusion pictures, a heaven for social media dp’s.

Do’s – Click with the right angle or else the complete photo will not align.



4. Duty free shopping

Good news specially for chocolate and wine lovers

5. Wonder full airport ring road around the small airport, where you can witness a close flyby of a aeroplane above your heads. There is a beautiful scenic sea on the other end.

Rent a bike for around 50 Ringgit

Don’t miss the views on the way , by the way Don 2 was shot near this area


6. Leasure biking around the small but huge network of roads

7.Eagle square

A must selfie



8. Under-water world

9. Cenang night market

Fried ice cream ! yeah you heard me right. We do have ice-cream pakora for real.

The musical Cenang mall , this area is the most happening area in the night near Cenang beach. You can easily get into pubs with live music and enjoy the place.

Indian food , not a issue. Just choose wisely !!

Mr. Bean visited Langkawi lately

  • Don’t miss the island tour in Langkawi. They will take you through a motor boat into caves , Mangroves , open sea , between eagle hunting areas and a mid sea cafeteria.

A cafeteria away from mainland 🙂

We had our maggi

A fish zoo I must say

A sting ray

A horse shoe crab


We were expecting crocs here , but I feel expectation are not meant to be met :-), but anyways a nice cave in the mangroves and we passed by

A bat cave , why not ? Mind your head !


That’s how we walk in the mangroves

Not to miss the Kilim geoforest park


The attraction here is the famous red head Lankawian eagle

Look there they are


Finally end your every day on the beach, dont miss the sunset

Day 1        

Day 2   


Day 3   


The jewel of kedah is the real hidden secret of Malaysia , Do visit again we will update with more intresting information related to Langkawi. We will post few videos for help.

DO let us know in comments what else you want to know about Lankawi.


Saayonaara    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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