Hidden secrets of Rishikesh – The river beaches of Rishikesh

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India covered with three sides with sea and a coastline of around 7500 Kms have one of the best beaches , but for Delhi people none is within a quick roadtrip.

So here we bring you a 4 and half hour ride to a beach from Delhi.Yes, you heard it right a drive for 4 hours will take you to a beach from Delhi.

The place is like 240 KM from Delhi with some awesome dhabas on the way.Well we will get back to dhabas later but prior to that let me show you the place we were chasing.

A mesmerising view along with the chilled water.The coldness signifies the basic reason that the water is directly coming from the Himalayas.

Here below a view of the Ganges flowing right between the hills.

I always wonder how the foreigners know all the best places before us, And eventually I see them enjoying more :-).Anyways a perfect beach place to relax and get sun burned.

How clear and fresh the water was , a glimpse below.The water was crystal clear and soothingly chilled enough to give your spine a sense of chill in every ‘DOOBKY’..

I even collected some colorful stones for my garden.. managed to get them in all colours possible with awesome art of nature incorporated.

Another interesting thing is kayaking, motor-boating, Rafting and water sports for which March April is the right time with less rains making rafting and other sports easy.

In the image below we can see people enjoying in natural water pool with somewhat hotter water as the water is cutoff from the main current ,To my astonishment the water was still fresh in the waterpool.And yeah we can also see a artwork with stones 🙂 where I tried my hands with.

Below picture hosts the Laxman jhulla and other parts visible from a high point while coming back from beach.The place house some best resorts and location/ views .

A snap taken when a photographer suddenly spot natural borders for a perfect scenery.

Out of all sports I could figure out , that rafting is the most done and enjoyed sport a aerial view of the river beach we visited earlier.

The rafting coaches are active and easily available in Rishikesh main town.

There is one more hidden wonder in Rishikesh , Neer garh waterfall with some of the best views and refreshing trek.We shall be sharing some of the wonderfull neer garh snaps soon.

By that time lets come back to the awesome dhabas and eateries while on a road trip from Delhi to Rishikesh.

DO make a stop at MIDWAY while on the way.And for good and fast service we would recommend CHOTIWALA restaurant nearing Haridwar and Rishikesh highways and also once you are there various branches will easily solve your hunger bells.

Thanks for reading , we will keep on adding more interests and places to this post keep visiting.



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