what SHIMLA has to offer

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Looking for a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi..

SHIMLA .. a place which has a offer for everyone .A shopaholic , a trekking guy , a Wanderer ,someone looking for peace and relaxation time and off course if your in lookout for a colder environment and a place surrounded by hills.

Shimla is a package in all.The MALL road in Shimla and British architectural sights is what makes Shimla a place to be for people of all ages and tastes.

Going ahead we will showing you about the ten best places to be in Shimla.

  1. The best and alas fairly underrated place of Shimla.

Vice royal lodge OR our British Indian Presidents home when SHIMLA use to be Summer capital of INDIA. As of now the place is also known as IIAS (Indian institute of advanced studies)

The lodge also houses a museum of the early nineteenth century times.The lodge is a architectural wonder, Mr. Rathore the official guide for the lodge will be sharing all the valuable information once you enter the place.

Worth  a mention the flower gardens near the place:

Rarest of the flowers will give your inner photographer the best of all times.

The enchanting birds and place with adorable view housing hundreds of flower is just the right place to be.

Do keep a check for some seasonal flowers , coz they are best when they bloom

Also have a coffee in the old cafeteria here near the lodge .

2. Bird park near  the Vice royal lodge

3. A walk at the Mall road , Off course ‘The Ridge’ and the church area. The Ashiana restaurant , Eating your supper at Ashiana in the open area gives you feeling of sitting on the roof of India and under the lamp light moon and starts and the pampering clouds is the cherry on the cake.

  • Christ Church at Ridge – A place to be

A view from Ridge of Shimla.

Mall road hike to the ridge


4. Annadale – A awesome place to be with lush green views in the foot side of Shimla.

Army museum is the place to be when you go to Annadale. Don’t forget to take a Maggie and tea at the roof of shop in the Army area in Annadale with Golfers playing Golf in a golf course surrounded by hills and clouds.

Do chill around golf course

Enjoy the view

Anna’s cafe , a best place to have Maggie and the view of golf course.

Annas cafe beside the Army Museum , do sit on the roof  and enjoy the view.

In the below picture we can see what a roof top view can give from Anna’s cafe

5. Glen – A light trek downhill to the dry waterfall with beautiful trek rails and small waterfalls in the way.

6. The locomotive engines of the old British Shimla , don’t miss the queen ride of Shimla railways.

beautiful Shimla railway station




7. Lakkar Bazaar , for all the shopping worms .

8. A floating road walk in hills.

9. Army museum Annadale

10 . Cactus house with hundreds of cactus types , And my favourite oneI have shared below

9. How to reach from Delhi,

Travel from Shimla to Kalka

A International heritage railway lines existing from decades with hundreds of tunnels and bridges right between the beautiful hills

Take some time out on the best ever railway stations in India

a- If planning a road trip , don’t miss the awesome dhabas at Murthal.Also give a brief visit to the city of Chandigarh which again has awesome places on offer.

b- Its a very good plan to travel by train from Delhi. Take a Shatabadi from Delhi to Kalka and then from Kalka we have options by railways or by road.I would suggest use the railways atleast once because of the route and awesome views from the train.


Sample initiatory from Delhi

  1. Board train from Delhi 
KALKA SHTBDI     (12005 ) NDLS17:15   New Delhi Railway Station
04h 05m  KLK   21:20 (Kalka railway station)
     2. Take a taxi from Kalka to Shimla 
reach hotel at around 12 in the night and take a nap
     3. Check into hotels with views like one I would like to suggest by location and hotel views is Rashik , its near to mall road and it has rooms with huge windows full of views.


     4. Next day keep it simple and start with Jakhoo hill temple of lord Hanuman.
     5. From the temple head your way to Anandale army museum.
     6. Visit the cactus house in Anandale (photos above in the blog)
     7. Have a coffee & Maggi in Anna’s cafe with a view of beautiful valley and golf course .
     8. by now its already lunch time and visit a hotel of your choice although we suggest you to have a starter bite first at wake and bake eatery on the mall.
    9. Once you are done with the starter , move around the place if you mind cafe sol is again a good place for a quick coffee and views of shimla. Also you can go to Balgees for best gulabjamuns.
   10. Also if you feel you want to have good non-veg dishes visit new plaza restaurant on mid mall.
   11.  And not to miss we have a authentic Indian coffee house in Shimla , do visit and have a light coffee.
   12 . Visit Ridge to end your day , make sure you have a great view of the Church there and to end your day have a dinner and drinks at Ashiana restaurant on the ridge it selves(they serve drinks till 10 only)


This one will be a eventful day so be fully energised to soak this one in.
1. Start your day with IIAS in shimla (check blog above for details)
2. After IIAS (viceregal lodge )visit the Himalayan nature park near IIAS (you can view beautiful birds here)
3. Shop at the Lakkar Bazaar (handicrafts from wood)
4. Visit Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary today which is 11 KM away from main city and walk in the beautiful forests.
5. for options this particular day you can take a option to have a small hike to Glenn or if you choose , you can visit the chadwick falls also by walk in the woods.
6. If you are travelling in winters , make a point to visit Kufri today.
(Now either of the above choices 4,5 or 6 will make it a day for you and now you will only be left with a evening)
7. In evening we suggest you to visit mall again and have a relaxing dinner at one of the restaurants mentioned above and do visit a local wine shops and get a gift for your loved ones.


1. Next day if you choose to stay you can have quick adventure ride in Hip Hip Hurray Amusement Park. 
2. This day you can end your tour and board the famous Shimla toy train to Kalka and then can catch a train from Kalka to Delhi.
All the above events are just a suggested trip which will be eventfull if time managed appropriately. One big change here can be , one can arrive Shimla by toy train and exit by taxi. Both ways you will need to adjust trains from Delhi and Kalka.
Also for transport there is a great news , we have Ola running in Shimla.



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