Ramoji film city – Hyderabad

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Ramoji film city is situated near the bustling city of Hyderabad or we can call the city of Nawabs and Char minar. Spread across a gigantic 2000 acres Ramoji film city is by far the largest film city in the world.Set up by Ramoji Group in 1996,it is a dreamy celluloid journey.
Certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest Filmstudio complex, at Ramoji Film City, a filmmaker can walk with a script and walk out with film. For the others, Ramoji Film City flung open a wonderland where 1.5 million tourists build memories every year.
{Source : www.ramojifilmcity.com}

Before going to the list here are some awesome facts about ramoji

  • The highest grossing feature film BAHUBALI was majorly shot at ramoji.
  • The famous ‘Kisi disco me jayee’ was shot at ramoji.
  • The new RAMAYANA series was shot at ramoji.

Our catch here is activities that can be done at Ramoji.
We call it top 10 things to do when in Ramoji….

  1. Take a Ramoji city tour Bus at the bus stations
  2. A airbus 380 airplane set.
  3. Hawa mahal : 
  4. “Kisi disco me jayee” Bollywood song shooting site
  5. Mini Mughal garden
  6. Chinese garden
  7. Railway station set with old engine
  8. Bird sanctuary with birds from all over the world
  9. butterfly park
  10. haunted house


My verdict :

Ramoji is place where you can roam around the complete day with altogether different flavors of world in every 1 KM.Name it Rajasthan , Italy , Japan , Mythological India and even a awesome bird and butterfly park will give you glimpse of beauty of nature.

Few more interesting mentions..

if you are with kids do visit..

  1. Borasura

2. Rain dance

3. dome theatre

4. Adventure activities at Ramoji for adults

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